Friday, December 7, 2012 Joey and Marie

Our neighbors from Oxford, OH emailed us and wanted to know how Joey and Marie were doing and how they liked living in Africa.  When our friend teaches her little boys about Africa, she explains to them that is where Joey and Marie live.  I thought their insights too cute not to share with others:)  I typed what Joey told me.  For those who ask how the children are, this gives you a good idea of what Joey and Marie have been up to lately.  Thanks again for many of you who continue to pray for our family.

Dear Xavier and Nicolas,

Hello, Xavier and Nicolas. This is Joey. I wish I could be there to play with you, but I live in Uganda now and not in America. The things I like about living here is I like the food and our house here. I have a good friend that lives at our house named Mbusa. He takes care of the outside of our home. I also have Moses as a friend. He is our guard at night. We have to have a guard so thieves won't get into our yard. We also have a fence that goes all around our yard and four dogs outside. Their names are Misty, Anthony, Pokey, and Remus. Pokey and Remus are puppies of Misty. Pokey is about a year old and Remus is three months old. Remus is the puppy of Misty and Anthony. So we have quite a family of dogs that protects us too. I don't like how it's warm all the time because we can't have snow. I want to come back to America so, I can play in snow. I like to spend my time reading books and playing with my Leapster. My favorite games are Batman and Star Wars. I love doing school with my mom and writing. I like learning about all different animals around the world. I'm excited about Christmas this year because my Gram Gram and Grandpa Nick are coming. We have our Christmas tree up and I made a chain to countdown the days till Christmas arrives. I can't wait to see Gram Gram and Grandpa Nick!!!! We hopefully will get to see you when we come back to America next year. I can't wait to play with you again.

Hello. This is Marie. I am glad to hear from you. My favorite thing in Uganda is the lovely sunsets. They can be pink, purple, orange or other colors. They are so pretty. I also love the people here. We have a helper named Prossie who cooks all our food. She is wonderful! This morning we had chocolate donuts for breakfast. Prossie does a wonderful job. She has a boy and a girl. They are so fun to play with. The little boy is two years old and the girl is four. We also have a great church close to our house. I enjoy going so much. I have so many friends that God has blessed me with. Another favorite thing I like doing is going swimming. There are very nice swimming pools in Jinja. Sometimes I go with my friends to the pool. Swimming is so fun because it is always hot here. School has been going fine this year and I am now in sixth grade. I've been memorizing the book of James. I know chapter 1 and almost all of 2. By the time we come back, I should almost have all of chapter 3 memorized. God is teaching me a lot of new things. The hard part now is doing what it says and that is what some of chapter 2 talks about. We are also learning about the first colonies in America. It has been very fun to learn how our country started. I have one more week of school before Christmas break. I am very happy that Christmas is coming! My grandparents are coming this year and are staying until after Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year. Hopefully we will see you next year. Bye!

Your Friends,

Joey and Marie


  1. Dana, loved reading your post. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy GramGram and Grandpa too. Tell Joey that he should not be too sorry that he lives where it is warm all of the time. It is 51F here in NKy today and rain, rain, rain. So we are not seeing any snow either (much to Anya, Lydia and Catherine's disappointment). Please let Marie know how proud I am of her achievement to not only memorize James but to be aware of how hard it is to put into practice. This is something that many adults do not even comprehend. Prayers and Blessings for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. So good to hear from you, Leslie. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and blessed New Year!!!! We'll see you all soon:) Tell the girls we said hello and send our love.

  3. What a wonderful post Dana. It's so fun to be able to hear about your life from your kids eyes. I've been considering memorizing James myself, but haven't worked up the courage yet. Our ladies' Bible Study group just completed Beth Moore's study on James and she challenged us to memorize it. Tell Marie I think it's awesome that she is doing that. It's one of my most favorite books in the Bible.

    1. I will tell her Cathy:) I wish I could memorize like she does. I got through the first 8 verses and then I would keep forgetting pieces. This brain of mine just doesn't remember like it use to. I've loved doing the Bible study with Joey and her. It's so cool to watch children get excited about the Bible. We started back to school today after 3 weeks and practiced Chapter 1. Marie did it perfectly. I was so happy for her. Joey got to verse 11, which is wonderful for him. Then we started studying chapter 3 in their Bible study of James. I just love the opportunity that God has given me to teach them about His Word. I've heard that Beth's study on James is great. One of these days if I get a chance I'll have to do it:) Blessings to you and your family.