Friday, September 18, 2009

Costa Rica Mission Trip

I wanted to post the website that Aaron created for our mission trip that we took this summer to Costa Rica. It was an amazing time of growth and serving the Lord. We were so blessed to be part of this team and have an opportunity to lead it. There were a total of 15 people that went, including our sons Nicholas and Dylan. This was Dylan's first international trip and he says he is ready to return. Both the boys did amazingly well and hopefully this is indicative of how they will do on the field full-time:) Enjoy viewing the website.

Friday, September 11, 2009

New to Blogging

So I just created our family's blog site and am posting my first message. It was much easier then I anticipated. I'm very excited that we will have a venue to post all the adventures that God takes on. As many family and friends know we have been called by God to serve on the mission field full-time. This blog site will allow us to keep everyone posted on how things are progressing and an avenue to keep in touch when we are on the field.

Back in March of this year, our family committed ourselves to missions full-time during the last night of a missionary conference at our church. That night our family said yes to living on the mission field anywhere that the Lord opened the doors to. Within the hour God opened the door. Earlier that week I had heard a missionary couple speak at a luncheon. This couple had been living in Kenya for the last twenty-two years. Their journey to the field was difficult, but after persevering they made it. The last night of the conference I stopped by the table to quickly let the lady, Jane Taylor, know that she had inspired me to hold steadfast to the call. Aaron and I had begun contacting missionary sending organizations that week and found that they did not like the idea of sending families who have teen children. Of course we have two, Nick and Dylan. We began to talk and quickly Jane told us that they were looking for a young couple to come along side of them to continue their vision of a technical school. At this point Aaron had joined me at their table and we looked at each other. I would say it was a look of "NOT AFRICA." To tell you the truth we had no idea where Kenya was in Africa. That night was where it all began. Since then we have met with the Taylors many times and have formed a close bond with them. They have shared with us their vision of what God has given them about serving the Kenyan people, and we are now sharing in the prospects of serving there alongside of them. There is land already purchased and plans drawn up for the missionary house and technical school. The missionary house will be the first project to complete, and then the technical school will follow when funds have been raised. This vision is a mighty big one but nothing is too big for our God.

Right now Aaron and I are making preparations to visit Kenya at the end of December. We will be traveling with missionaries, Ric and Jane Taylor, to determine if this is where God will have us serve full-time. Many have asked how the children feel about this possibility. Amazingly enough they have been more positive about Africa then other places we have talked about living. Honestly Marie and Joey will be happy as long as they are with us. Dylan just wants to live in a place where he can be outside among the animals and the great outdoors. Nick is our pessimist and is more apprehensive about things. Although he always says, "If God is calling us there, that is where we need to be." So pray for our children adjusting to all that will be happening this next year. Please pray also that we will discern God's will for our family and that we will be obedient to where He is calling us. We are grateful for everyones prayers.