Saturday, July 31, 2010

How You Can Pray

The time is almost upon us for Aaron to be leaving for South Africa and then on to Uganda. He will be leaving on August 6th and will return home on August 18th. Please pray for his health, safety, and discernment from God if one of these places is where God would want us to serve. Aaron will be arriving in Johannesburg, SA on the 7th. He will then be traveling again by car on the 8th to a Bible school that is about five hours from Johannesburg. Needless to say all that traveling makes a person very tired. He then will travel back to Johannesburg on the 10th and fly to Uganada on the 11th. Aaron will be in Uganda for seven days. On the 13th he will be meeting with the Board of Directors from the seminary to be interviewed. Please pray that they will have an opportunity to truely see who we are as a family, and how God has so blessed Aaron with the gift of teaching and preaching. It is most important that this be a good fit for all involved on both sides.

While Aaron is in Africa, I've decided to take the children on a short trip to the Smokey Mountains. This will be the first time all the children have visited, that they can remember. Please pray for safe travels and for health. Nicholas just had nine teeth surgically removed a few days ago. We are praying that no complications arise from this and it won't hinder us from going. We will be leaving on Aug. 9th and returning on the 14th.

We once again want to thank all of you who are lifting us up in prayer continually. The prayers are definitly felt. If you are not receiving regular updates from Aaron and would like to be on our distribution list, email Aaron at to be added.