Monday, October 19, 2009

Purchasing Tickets

We are in the process of purchasing tickets for our trip in December to Kenya. There has been a few hiccups but nothing the Lord is surprised about. We will be leaving December 28 and returning January 9. Aaron has to be back to teach on January 11. Needless to say he will be very tired that Monday when school is back in session. Please pray for guidance and wisdom. Also for funds to come in and for all plans to be worked out according to God's plan. Please pray for our children (Nick, Dylan, Marie, and Joey) that they will get along fine while Mom and Dad are away. It's always hard on them when we are not around even though they say they understand our need to visit Kenya. Pray for health and for patience for those watching all four of the children. Thank you to the Straws, Grandpa and Grandma, and Grammy in advance for watching the children and all your love and support. It is greatly appreciated. I will post again when the time is nearing for specific prayer requests.