Sunday, June 3, 2012

Time Warp

It seems that Uganda has a time warp.   In many ways things moves slower...people on foot and bikes, no power tools for planting/building, or people taking time on their way to visit with others.  However, in other ways time just disappears and moves at warp speed....bodas(motorcycles)/taxis(vans) zooming everywhere, another graduation at the seminary finished, and we've lived here for 9 months but it only seems like a few months.  I just realized that it's been about a month since I've last posted, but it seems like yesterday.  I guess that's what happens when God  has you engaged with your surroundings and you are learning so much in such a short period of time.  

If you saw our latest newsletter, you read where Uganda Baptist Seminary just graduated almost 40 students.  Needless to say that much work goes into the preparation of graduation, and I had the opportunity to help where I could.  I've also been helping out in the clinic at the seminary since Evelyn Frost, the school nurse, has been back in the states for a few weeks.  That always provides great learning experiences.  However, the students were so gracious to pass the flu on to me, and  after two weeks I'm still trying to rid myself of it :)  I'm looking forward to Evelyn being back as I prepare to start teaching an English class to a Certificate class on Tuesday.  I haven't been able to teach in a couple of months, and I'm so looking forward to being back in the classroom.
Aaron and I with Jacob, a student and good friend

All lined up and ready to begin
Our family also had an opportunity to travel to Kampala this past week for orthodontist appointments for three of our children.  While we were there we decided to spend the night at a nice hotel that is connected to the mall.  It's the first time we have stayed in a hotel that is very much like any hotel you might find in the States.  It was a real treat, and we even were blessed with an upgraded room when we arrived.  The hotel said they wanted to give us the Villa.  We didn't exactly know what that meant, but we ended up with a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, LR, dining room townhouse.  Like I told Aaron, I've only seen something like that in the movies.  We thank the Lord for blessing us which such a nice surprise. While we were there, we took the children to see their first movie in Uganda.  We viewed, The Avengers, which was okay.  The movie theater was little too warm for my liking even at 10:00 at night:)  We had a good time getting a way from home for a few days.  Even the traffic wasn't too bad and Aaron trusted me to drive all the way to the big city:)

This is our local fast food drive-thru on the way to Kampala
You have the choice between chicken or goat on a stick or livers on a stick
Aaron calls it salmonella on a stick:)

Sad to say, Nicholas, has been dealing with malaria.  He started not feeling well last Tuesday and continued to get worse each day.  I tested him twice, but the rapid malaria test came back negative both times.  By Friday someone mentioned that the rapid test only checks for one type of malaria.  There are four different strands of malaria.  So, I quickly started him on the medication and by that night his temperature was 104 degrees.  That was after two hours of ibuprofen, so I became quite concerned.  After sending out a prayer request on Facebook, within an hour his temperature broke and by the next morning there was great improvement.  I thank God for many of you who prayed and encouraged me as I was waiting for Nicholas to start feeling better.  It is so difficult when one of your children is so sick.  So please continue to pray for our family's health.  We are coming into contact with so many new bugs and parasites and our bodies are continually having to fight these new things.  Your prayers do matter and we find strength through them.

Please continue to pray for us as Aaron and I teach at the seminary.  The next term starts Tuesday.  We are looking forward to it and the opportunities that God presents in the classroom.  Many times it's hard to believe that we are teaching men and women from all over East Africa.  The impact that this teaching could have could be huge, but only God knows for sure.  Please pray that we make the most out of the time that we have with these students to disciple them and grow them, so in turn they can teach hundreds of others about the Gospel of Christ.  We are so grateful to so many of you who have continually prayed for us through these past few years.  We have a wonderful team of supporters, and we couldn't do what we do if it wasn't for you all.  Till next time, God Bless!!!