Friday, February 26, 2010

Preparing to Serve in Kenya

We have begun making many of the necessary preparations to see serving in Kenya become a reality. Our house is for sale and will be on the open market this week (if you’re interested in buying a house just north of Lebanon, Ohio, let me know ;-). Aaron will finish up his final two classes at seminary in May, and we have begun a 42 week training program that will provide additional information/experience for cross-cultural ministry. We are also actively pursuing support partners to labor alongside us in the work in Africa.

We are seeking churches and individuals that will be a part of the vision God has given us for Kenya. We would be happy to speak to anyone almost anywhere concerning the work that is being done and is to be done there.

In addition to an army of prayer warriors, we need financial supporters as well. Here are the details of our current financial needs that will get us into Kenya:


Construction of mission house - $20,000 (includes space for short-term teams)

Vehicle purchase - $5,000 (in addition to liquidating our vehicles here)

Airline tickets for 6 - $8,000 (a rough estimate)

Participation in the eternal mission of God – Priceless (sorry, had to do that)

If you wish to contribute financially toward any or all of these needs, make your tax-deductable contribution payable to Gateway Global Outreach (our sending organization) and provide a specific designation for the funds if you so desire. 100% of any contribution of any amount goes toward the project since our sending organization is all volunteer and thus works for heavenly treasure only. Mail contributions (payable to Gateway Global Outreach) to:

Aaron & Dana Bogan

PO Box 591

West Chester, OH 45071

Once in Kenya, we have tentatively budgeted for $2,600 monthly living expenses. We will be compiling monthly pledges for any amount for any duration of time. The specifics of this are still in process at this early stage so stay tuned! If you know you wish to be a monthly contributor, let me know and I will be sure to get you the specifics as they are ironed out.

Oft times we hear from people who apologize for not being in a position to provide financial support and feel that they are not an active part. Please know that if you are praying for us then you are THE active part. If you pray for us, the resources will find their way to us and, more importantly, your personal relationship with the Lord will benefit as a result of your time with Him. I strongly encourage you that if the Lord has put this ministry on your heart, continue to stay current with us and provide the prayer that we will so vitally need to be sustained through all of this.

I humbly ask that you consider partnering with us for the long haul. I am gathering email addresses and contact information for those interested in receiving consistent updates concerning this ministry. If you know of someone, or a church/group that might be interested in becoming a partner, please feel free to send this on to them. Again, I am creating a new distribution list for those interested in following along for the foreseeable future so if that is you, please contact us to receive updates.

Lastly, please pray for us to continue to walk in God’s will and His timing in all of this. There is a temptation to run ahead of the Lord and try to force that which is not meant to be. As we continue to walk the path to Africa, please pray that we do so in step with Him.

May the Lord of all bless you richly in Christ.