Friday, May 21, 2010

Nothing New

Aaron and I returned from a few days away in Amish country. It was extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. God blessed us with good weather and lots of quiet time with Him. We still continue to pray about what is next. Right now we are resting and waiting on the Lord to reveal His plan. Please continue to pray for discernment and wisdom for Aaron and me.

Our family is adjusting to our new home and town. Oxford is a beautiful town and we are hopefully going to get involved with some outreach in the local community soon. I'm trying to finish up homeschooling the children for the year. We have found a co-op in Oxford that we will be starting next school year. The children are excited to be meeting some children their ages. This co-op has about 60 children, and about 40 of them are in high school. That is very exciting to Nicholas and Dylan. Last night we attended a drama production that was put on by the high school students at the co-op. They did a fantastic job and I was amazed at the props, costumes, and acting. I can't wait for our children to be a part of such a production next year.

Please continue to pray for our family. We covet your prayers.