Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stepping Out on Faith

Global Impact Conference, Urbancrest Baptist Church

Stepping Out on Faith..... what does that look like? Well, for the Bogan family we have said we are leaving for Uganda in September. Since saying that almost two weeks ago, God has done some pretty amazing things. Several people have stepped up to join our team to serve alongside of us in Uganda. This has grown our faith tremendously and our children have seen first hand what reliance on God looks like. When Aaron and I knew God was saying September, we knew that there was still a long way to go before reaching 100% of our monthly support. However, God wanted us to rely on Him totally and not on man. We still have a ways to go, but in the last week he has brought several people to support and encourage us in this journey. Praise God for this, because it is only through Him did this happen.
Aaron contacted the dean of the seminary in Uganda, Vernon Sivage, to tell him the great news and for them to start looking for a house and vehicle for us. They are very excited and things are starting to be prepared on that side for our arrival. There is much to be done on this side as well as over there, but we know God is numbering our steps and we pray we stay faithful to not get ahead of Him. So please pray for more people to come alongside of us to be a part of what God is doing in Uganda. All of us are so very excited to have a month pinpointed for departure.

Last week we were invited to a missionary conference at our home church, Urbancrest Baptist Church. This was the 5th year that we had participated in the Global Impact Celebration in some way. For the first few years we hosted missionaries in our home during this celebration. Now I can't believe we are the missionaries!! Isn't it funny how God works? We have always connected so well with missionaries, because they are as crazy as we are:) We had a wonderful time meeting new missionaries along with other ones that we have known for years. So many people were there loving and encouraging us throughout the week. It was such an inspiring time!! I'd like to thank the Overbey Sunday School class for taking such good care of our family. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share with all of you our heart and calling to Uganda. You're class is so supportive and giving, and I thank God for this time that we had to get to know all of you. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this week special for all of the missionaries.

Please continue to pray for our family. There is much that will be taking place over the next few months. However, we want to remain focused on Him who gives us life each day. Pray that we will continue to make connections with churches and individuals you want to partner with us. Prayer is essential for us to continue down this road. Please, please, pray for us and our trek to getting to Uganda and beyond.