Friday, August 19, 2011

Prayers Are Answered

We asked for our team to pray for insurance and for the extra baggage fees to be waived by Delta in our last newsletter. The extra baggage fees were going to cost $2,600. Well, God has answered in a BIG way. First praise is that everyone in the family has insurance coverage. Second, we were just notified that Delta waived all extra baggage fees for our trip. Hallelujah!!!! The last big piece that needs to fall in place is for our vehicles to sell. Please cotinue to pray, as we all see that prayer is essential and does work. Thank you to all who prayed and interceded for our family. It is greatly appreciated. We have 12 days till we depart for Jinja!! Our whole family is excited and can't wait to begin a new chapter in our lives serving an Awesome God in Africa. If you haven't read our latest newsletter you can view it at:
God Bless!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

3 Weeks Till Departure

Wow, it's hard to believe that we are down to our last few weeks before leaving for Uganda. All the preparation, hardwork, prayers, prayers, and more prayers have definitely gotten us where we are today. We now are living in N. Kentucky with a couple who graciously opened their home to our family and our dog:) They are so gracious and giving and we have enjoyed getting to know them better each day. Jim and Bonnie are family to us now. It's so amazing to see and be a part of how God orchestrates every minute detail. This home is exactly where we needed to be these last few weeks in the states. We also have been working on health insurance. To be real blunt, it has been a pain. The first insurance company didn't want to cover any back problems for Aaron ever, because of his spinal fusion that he had two years ago. That stipulation doesn't work. so we've applied to two more companies. Please pray that this will get sorted through quickly, and we have insurance by Sept. 1. God can work this out also, so we pray for intervention. The last two days we have been working on getting our vehicles sold. Right now there are people very interested in both the van and truck. Again, please pray that the vehicles will sell quickly. so we can focus our attention on other things. Our family has tried to seize opportunities to enjoy the beautiful pool on the property. It has helped us to relax and enjoy this time a bit. Each day is filled with last things that need to be done before leaving, so trying to slow down a bit by the pool has been very nice. Good news is that Dylan and Marie get their braces off on Friday!!! Nick will have to transfer with his on, which he is not thrilled with. However, I keep telling him that it will be so worth it in the end:) God has worked that detail out by already having our ortho. here contact our ortho. there in Uganda to set treatment up. These last three weeks we are hoping to spend time with family and friends. Our calendar is filling quickly, but we enjoy these last days of gathering and eating with many that we will miss while we are away. Please continue to pray for this transition time, and I will try to update once more before we depart.