Thursday, May 12, 2011

Things are Coming Together

Many things are happening on the other side of the world right now in preparation of our arrival in Uganda. So many people are tirelessly working to find us just the right house, buying the appliances needed, and all the household goods to make this our home. It all seems a little surreal. Right now we have a refrigerator, stove, washer, and dryer sitting in Jinja, thanks to our co-missionaries who worked hard to find ones that work for our family:) We have many who are trying to get us set up for our transition to Eastern Africa. The search for a home is still on-going, and one is a good possibilty. However, it is being built right now, and many things have to come together before August if this is to be our house. So they continue to search and with God's help will find the right home for us. We just want to thank the missionaries over there in Jinja who are spending their time to help with our home and helping us to make difficult decisions when we are so far away.

Aaron and I have prayed, thought, envisioned for so long about being on the mission field. Now the day is fast approaching. On this side of the world, we have busily been working to connect with various churches to continue raising support. We still need churches and individuals to partner with us through prayer and giving. We also have been sorting all our household goods and liquidating them. That is a daunting task, when most everything has to go. The Lord has and is being so gracious to allow us to do this in stages. When selling our house last year we had to get rid of half, and now we have the task of selling the rest. The blessing is that so far people have wanted and needed what we have, and it has been fairly easy to dispose of our items. In a week we will have a garage sale (thank you Jessica for helping us raise funds for Uganda) and hopefully get rid of a majority of our household goods. I love to see how God is working all this out, and as you get rid of something here, He is blessing us with what we need over there.

So please continue to pray for our family during this time. Please pray for partnerships to continue and for God to raise up the remainder of the funds needed to get to Uganda. So much is going on and sometimes it is easy to get caught up in all the doing and not taking time to just be with the Father. Of course with going through and determining what is going, what to sell, and what to store, there are many emotions that go along with that. I honestly thought it would be harder for the children, but they surprisingly are doing very well with it. I think Dad and Mom have the memories that are associated with so many of the items. Pray that the right house will be found and rented over in Uganda and all the details worked out. I pray that this will be a home where Christ's love will be shared with many.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. I'm so thankful that you and Aaron are walking in obedience to Christ and counting the cost. I've noticed for myself that I have a harder time letting go of material things than I thought I would...turns out there are some things God still needs to work out in me! praying for you and the family!